Fee Schedule

Fee Schedule


Regular Documents

Statement of Claims, Small Claims
Per defendant, per address $65.00
2nd Defendant same address $55.00 (plus mileage)

Personal Service Only

Summons to Witness, Restraining Orders, Contempt Hearing $95.00
(Plus $25.00 per attempt)

**All of the above process serving does not include mileage charges or Rush Fees. You may call for a quote on mileage charges. Mileage charges are $1.20 per km one way only. There is no extra mileage charge if service is attempted more than once to a maximum of 3 times.


Civil and Small Claims

Issue and Filing-most courts $55.00
Milton Court-45.00 Family, Civil 35.00

Family Court Filings

Filing all documents $60.00

Some courts may add mileage charges on top of the above fee.


  • RUSH – Immediate (within 8 hours) $125.00 on top of regular fees
  • RUSH (within 24 hours) $95.00
  • RUSH (within 48 hours) $50.00
  • Special Services – $250.00
    Example – serving someone on a night shift or arranging a meeting to view a property with a Real Estate Agent who has been evading service.

In most cases we will pick up documents from your office free of charge. We do not charge for each attempt on regular service of documents, meaning that if there was nobody home at the time we attempted service and we would have to attend again (up to 3 times) we will only charge mileage for one way of travel only.  We believe this is great value for the cost involved.

If you have any questions regarding Fees please feel free to contact Neil.

View our resources for links to websites with court administration fees.

Prices subject to change without notice.